The World's Coolest Built-Not-Bought Honda Civic

by Randy » June 2nd, 2017, 9:20 am
This is one built and not bought Honda Civic which represents the labor of love and has been handmade and engineered to be as speedy, efficient and exciting as it gets. We'r predicting this Honda Civic might intensely inspire you as well to procure a project car and turn it into an amazing automobile! The host of the video from Car Throttle describes this Honda Civic as the most inspiring car he has ever seen. Well, that surely speaks a lot about this project car.

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K20 Powered 79 1st Gen Civic

by Randy » February 2nd, 2017, 10:30 am
This is by far one of the cleanest/mental 1st gens I think I've seen (Garage R)

370% More Power: K20-Powered 1979 Honda Civic

This 1979 Honda Civic was the subject of a now six year old build in which it was transformed from a clean but tepid 70k mile automatic donor into the 260 HP, K20A powered screamer shown here. Built in Florida and the subject of much chatter around the time it was being put together, it’s somehow found its way Europe where it is offered with what’s said to be only a few hundred kilometers use since completion. Find it here on Auto Scout 24 in Bleiswijk, Netherlands for 15,900 euros (~$19,445 today).

Photos all appear to be from a previous Super Street magazine feature and 71 page-long build thread, and seeing as there’s no word on how, when or why it was exported it’d be nice to see some snaps of it in front of a canal or windmill.

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What is a 1200 Honda Civic

by Randy » September 30th, 2010, 8:07 pm
Considered the "1200" because of the engine size

This Civic debuted in 1973 that achieved more than 40 mpg on the highway with dimensions with a 86.6-inch wheelbase and 139.8-inch overall length. Powered by a 1170cc EB1 all aluminum engine except for the cylinder liner, with the 2 speed Hondamatic or 4 speed standard transmission made this quite the economy car to drive. In 1974 the engine grew to 1237cc EB2 and grew 146.9-inch in length. The cylinder head is aluminum with a cross flow design, intake ports on the back and exhaust on the front side. This design generally produces more power than others with both ports on the same side.

In 1978 the cylinder head (EB3) was redesigned with larger intake and exhaust valves and larger straighter intake & exhaust ports including a deeper combustion chamber with domed pistons. This engine design lends is self to high performance modifications. This design has won many racing championships including a great Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve or American driver Adam Malley still racing his today.

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CVCC Compound vortex controlled combustion engine.

by Randy » September 29th, 2010, 9:55 pm
The CVCC engine debuted in 1975. Offered alongside the standard Civic engine, the 53-horsepower CVCC engine displaced 1,488 cc and had a head design that promoted cleaner, more efficient combustion. The CVCC design eliminated a need for a catalytic converter or unleaded fuel to meet emissions standards. (Nearly every other U.S. market car for this year underwent the change to exhaust catalysts and the requirement to use only unleaded fuel.) Due to California's stricter emissions standards, only the Civic CVCC was available in that state. A five-speed manual gearbox became available this year, as did a Civic station wagon (only with the CVCC engine).

A CVCC engine has a special cylinder head. The CVCC head uses a 1977 CVCC Wooden Wheel stratified charge combustion chamber. A stratified combustion mixture is richer at the sparkplug and much leaner at the main part of the combustion chamber. The rich mixture is easily ignited by the sparkplug and this initial flame will ignite the remaining leaner mixture. The CVCC head uses a pre-combustion chamber that is about the size of a thimble. The CVCC carburetor is actually two carburetors in one, a lean part and a rich part. The lean part feeds the main combustion chamber and the rich part feeds the pre-combustion chamber. The rich mixture in the pre-combustion chamber is ignited . A "flame hole" in the pre-combustion chamber allows the pre-combustion flame to blow across the regular combustion chamber and ignite the lean mixture.
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The RS is the ultimate factory Civic

by Randy » September 30th, 2010, 8:44 pm
Dubbed Road Sailing, it was a more performance oriented civic opposed to the standard economy-boxes we all know. It was released with an 1170cc EB1 motor pumping out 70hp compared to the 50hp of the standard model. Engine modifications included twin Keihin carburetors, a freer flowing exhaust manifold, longer duration camshaft (15 degrees), domed pistons (bumped compression up to 8.6:1), and strengthened crank bearings. Handling was increased with a set of stiffer springs (30%), shorter stiffer struts and 13" wheels wrapped in 155-80-13 tires.

The wheels were black with a polished lip and had a red "H" center cap- this is where the red Honda "H" started. Besides the RS badge on the front grill other exterior options included flared fenders, fender mounted rearview mirrors, and a slightly different bumper assembly. The RS's were only released in warm red/orange paint schemes. The predominantly black vinyl interior included a wooden steering wheel and shift knob, center console, grab handles, a mechanical tachometer graded to 7k rpm, and a center auxiliary pod with fuel/temp gauges and an air vent. The US gauge pods merely had the gauges for fuel and temp.
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Keep It Simple

by Randy » September 30th, 2010, 8:44 pm
The philosophy at Honda's engineering department has always been, "Keep it simple" Sometimes it's more difficult and requires a lot more ingenuity to keep a design clean and simple rather than doing things in a complicated way. The Honda Civic 1200 and the Civic CVCC are both good examples of clean, straightforward styling.

Everything on the car is there for a definite purpose. And what you don't see, the engine and chassis parts were all designed with the same goal in mind.. ."build it right, but keep it simple"

Welcome to

by Randy » September 30th, 2000, 9:21 pm
Welcome to the on line community of First Generation Honda Owners. Our beautiful antique Civics and Accords, Preludes range from the first 1973 Honda Civic to 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979; 1200′s and CVCC models. We take pride in showing off our labors of love. Take a tour of our site and feast your eyes on our vintage Japanese vehicles. Owners of other classic Honda’s such as second generation Honda Civics’ and S360, S500, S600′s, N600, Z600, Spex Elf kit car and more of the Honda 60′s cars are welcome here too.

Get helpful information on tuning and technical data and specifications, custom bodywork, engine swaps and our helpful members will help you on your way to customizing your ride if that your wish.. Find pages of brochures, resources of books for repairs and guides for do it your self, swap and sell your parts.
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